Single Mom’s Dating Lie#2: I’m not physically attractive any more

"My body does not look the way it used to"

You now have gray hairs, stretch marks, saggy boobs, bags and wrinkles. But remember you are your own worst critic and while you’re analyzing every stretch mark he doesn’t notice or even care.

It's certainly not attractive when you complain about the way you look. Any man will tell you that the most attractive thing about a woman is her confidence in who she is and the way she looks.

Besides, you are even more attractive now that you have that maternal, affectionate energy that only us moms have.

Change Your Story: Acceptance
Make peace with your body

You need to work towards loving your body the way it is right now. There is nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, perhaps you want to lose a little weight or tone up but first, love and except your body as it is. Most people think that in order to change something about themselves they need to give themselves a hard time about it but really it's the other way around.  Love and acceptance first and then the change will come easily. 

Find yourself a journal of some sort, Yes, really do it! I’ve been guilty myself of reading stuff and skimming over the journaling part, I always thought that just thinking about it would be adequate. But it wasn’t until I started to actually write things down on paper that I started to see changes.

So in your journal write down what you like about your body, it’s good to do this in front of the mirror, maybe put on some sexy underwear or even get naked, whatever you feel good in (which may be a big sweater and sweatpants). Instead of criticizing, look for what you do like for a change. Start from the head down. You’ll probably be surprised at how many things you do actually like about your body. Make a habit of performing this exercise and as time goes on your inner nagging, critical voice will become softer and more loving.

I know this is a small exercise, it may not feel like it will make much of a difference but greatness is many small things done well.

Balance: In order to make a change, first love and accept where you are.