Single Mom’s Dating Lie#6: I'm a Mom - I can't be Sexy

"I’ve lost myself in motherhood"

I know you’re a mom but you’re also a woman.

 What is sexy?

  • Knowing who you are, what you want and not settling for less
  • Knowing how to have fun with and without your kids
  • Having things in your life that you’re passionate about
  • Having control over your emotions


Let’s take a closer look at each one and take some action.

Change Your Story: Taking Action
Getting yourself out there 

Know who you are, what you want and don't settle for less

Back to that handy, dandy journal. Take some time to ponder these very important questions and write down the answers to them. The answers to these questions make up your very own personal mission statement.

 Do not settle for less

What are your core values?
What do you know about your body?
What do you love?
Define yourself.

What do you hate?
Where are you unwilling to compromise?
What are your dreams?


Learn how to have fun with and without your kids

Here’s where the action really comes in.  According to Mike Dooley’s analogy of a GPS system, you do have to put the car in gear and physically go for the GPS to work. Start saying yes to invitations, not just to parties or places where you might meet the love of your life but to everything. If it sucks move onto the next thing. Do more family activities, have some girls nights in, join a tennis club, join the local gym, go to pottery classes, take your kids on a picnic in the park, take a scuba diving vacation by yourself, sign up for some college night classes, and when you’re there dig in - introduce yourself to new people. I know this can be difficult for some people but just show up, push yourself a little and get yourself out there.


Have things in your life that you’re passionate about

So of course this one goes hand-in-hand with the last one. If you get yourself out there you’ll learn what you don’t like but more to the point what you love, what makes you tick, what makes the time just pass by. Do something unusual, make some different choices, and take some risks. If there is nothing you are passionate about currently, there will be once you’ve taken a little action.

Have control over your emotions

Click here to learn about Emotional Freedom Techniques (Tapping) and do it. 

Balance: Take action, do your part but don’t get attached to the outcome.